Review + Unboxing of the U-Create Raspberry Pi Model B+ Plug ‘N’ Play Kit

Here in Berlin I am continually looking to push the Raspberry Pi to the German education system and to that end I wanted to take a real good look what educational kits are available and what is best to recommend.

Some of the points I am looking for are:

  • User Guide (so the user is not left alone with the Pi)
  • Complete Kit (nothing worse than missing a cable)
  • Robustness
  • Fun Factor
  • Education Value
  • Bonus items (sometimes its nice to get a sticker)

My good friends at sent me a couple of their kits to take a look and I wanted to share with you my finding.

One kit was the Raspberry Pi™ Model B+ Plug ‘N’ Play Kit. Below is a full review of the kit and an unboxing video!

I was really pleased with the contents of this kit. You had everything you need to get started with the Raspberry Pi with the exception of the monitor of course. I was very pleased to see WiFi and Ethernet cable in the same kit. Often I found that kits like this don’t provide networking cables simply because they are not expected in the home. Yet this covers the possibility that there is no good wifi signal or simply the school does not allow WiFi for security. Also considering headless setup its nice to have the feeling that its taken care of within this kit.

The user guild booklet I found short but to the point. Your given the maximum amount of information you need to get started but without being bogged down with a 150 page book. I loved the fact that the booklet also does not just tell you to get from the box to Raspbain but rather tells the user about other Linux distributions so you could make an informed choice. Lastly I specially found it welcome to see the Pi-Store documented in this booklet. I don’t see that very often which is a shame because it is a great resource for budding programmers.

In terms of fun factor… I did find all the cables a little bland. By no means is this a deal beaker for me. Remember I am looking at this from a educational point of view. One where the teacher would look to supply their computing lab with pi’s, then this kit hits the nail on the head! What makes up for the black cables though is the optical mouse. When I plugged it in both myself and my wife where shocked to find it had a red and blue LED light inside and lit up half our room.

I think that a clear case is imperative. The kids need to see that hardware but keep it protected! So I am very pleased to see that in kit.

All in all I found it a complete working kit that’s perfect for a computing lab or as a birthday (or Christmas) gift for your kids, siblings, parents or even grandparents.

CPC also have other kits available from the U-Create brand. If your looking for just the pi and a case or start to a media center and you can find them all here at:

Pushing the boat out

Its long overdue but I am finally pushing the boat out on this blog. I spent some time tweaking the template but found that nothing really sat right with me. Thus a black hole opened up sucking all my valuable blogging time away.

No more!

November 22nd will be my 5th Raspberry Jam Berlin! I am personally super excited about this because the Jam has moved to the Technische Universität Berlin (TUB). They have a super computing lab there so I am hoping to cut out all the old technical problems we had before. Also this time round I sold out tickets (I say sold out but they are actually free) so its feeling especially good!

Massive thanks to Melanie Stilz for helping me with the university and being so interested in the Raspberry Pi.

Whats happening next! My good friend Jason (aka boeeerb) sent me a couple of LED Flash boards for the Raspberry Pi-camera called: Lisiparoi

You would attach the Pi-camera to the board and when activated it would blast light in that direction. To me it feels like a mini ring flash. There is 2 versions one normal white LED and the other is for Infrared and would only work with the Noir Infrared Pi-camera.

It’s looking like a sweet little bit of tech and the photographer in my is buzzing to use it. Examples, videos and full review coming soon!


Something New!

Hey guys welcome to Byting Idea!

This little blog will be my home for my raspberry pi musings and review.

I hope that every Friday I will have a something up either a review, video or just a little post.

So here goes and wish me luck!


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